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At the end of 2022, DPG Media acquired the Walloon company Wikipower. A strategic move that aligns with the mission of making the Belgian energy market more efficient and consumer-friendly. Where do we stand a year later?

Eind 2022 nam DPG Media het Waalse Wikipower over. Een strategische zet die aansluit bij de missie om de Belgische energiemarkt efficiënter en consumentvriendelijker te maken. Waar staan we een jaar later?

 Dona Ilinca



ikipower is a household name in Wallonia, but doesn’t ring a bell with everyone in Flanders. “Since 2011
we’ve been helping consumers save money by changing energy supplier, with our energy comparison tool and attractive group purchase,”
says Dona Ilinca, Business Unit Manager of Marketing & Communication. “Wikipower is the market leader in Wallonia. The acquisition by DPG Media is an important milestone in our shared ambition of transforming the Belgian energy market.

The war in Ukraine, an overabundance of contract formulas and rates that went every which way: the energy market got pretty crazy in the last few years. “Energy comparison sites give consumers a handle on things,” says Ilinca. “Every year, helps more than 46,500 people find the most interesting energy contract for them.”, also owned by DPG Media and market leader in Flanders, shares the same mission. But there are some differences. “Walloon consumers appreciate a personal approach: someone who tells them how to spend their energy budget. Our energy expert call centre accounts for a whopping 70 percent of the contracts that are concluded. Customers can always be patched through to their regular contact person. That personal approach has made us Wallonia’s market leader.”

“Energy comparison sites give consumers a handle on things”

The Flemish market is different. “Consumers are more familiar with online technology. This explains’s ‘digital only’ approach. Personal attention and technology can reinforce one another. We’re working hard to create a single powerful energy comparison tool for the whole of Belgium, combining the best of both platforms. The launch is planned for the second half of 2024.”

The acquisition of Wikipower has also given DPG Media access to a wealth of expertise when it comes to group energy purchases. “These particularly appeal to people aged 55 and up, who want us to take care of things for them. Personal service is even more important in this area. Collaborations with cities and municipalities are also important within our group purchases. Local governments get the opportunity to offer their residents an extra money-saving service and we benefit from stronger customer procurement and increased social impact. The acquisition by DPG Media enables us to bring this formula for success to Flanders as well.”

In the autumn of 2023, Wikipower and DPG Media organised a first group purchase in collaboration with “It was a test project that we put a lot of effort into, but that we expected a bit more of to be honest. After two years of crisis, the energy market has restabilised somewhat. The urge to change suppliers has disappeared, as has the media attention. Perhaps our communication could have been better as well. These are important learning points we take onboard for the future. We know how to reach the Walloon customer. DPG Media’s brands and technological tools will help us put Wikipower on the map in Flanders as well. 2023 was a year of learning and discovery, 2024 will be the year in which we really make an impact.”

“We want to help and guide people every step of the way”

DPG Media isn’t focusing exclusively on a new energy comparison tool and group purchases. “We want to be a partner in all energy-related affairs of Belgian consumers,” says Kenneth Vansina, Director of Online Services Belgium. “We’re in the process of building a complete ecosystem that helps people take the next sustainability step and save even more money on their bill.”

Everything starts with mapping out energy consumption. “How is your house functioning today and how efficient is it? That’s our basis for advising the consumer about the best steps to take next. An example of an important and logical step would be solar panels. If you combine them with home batteries, you can optimally use the energy you generate. We also look at insulation, which is crucial to heating up your home in an energy-efficient manner, and at electric charging stations and heat pumps. Needless to say, we work together with trustworthy partners in these areas. We want to offer consumers a total concept for everything related to sustainability and guide them through the entire energy transition. That’s essential within DPG Media’s strategy and sums up what we do at Online Services. We believe we can make 2024 a sustainable success.”