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AD, de Stentor and Het Parool appointed new, female editors-in-chief in 2021. What changes have Rennie Rijpma, Sylvia Cools and Kamilla Leupen seen in the editorial teams and editorial culture over recent years? And what course are they planning to follow?

Rennie Rijpma (50)

editor-in-chief of AD since 2021, having worked there since 2011. She was previously journalist and department head of news agency ANP.

Men express their
opinions; women
ask questions

The first female editor-in-chief in the 75-year history of the newspaper: for Rennie Rijpma, the Algemeen Dagblad’s anniversary was also a personal milestone. And she thought it was high time. Even if it was only as a role model for young people and also because women sometimes make different choices.

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Sylvia Cools (44)

editor-in-chief of de Stentor since 2021, having worked there since 2018. Previously, she was head of news at broadcaster Omroep Gelderland.

“Diversity is more than just the male/female ratio”

Her appointment was met with unanimous applause. For all those involved, it was obvious that Sylvia Cools, who became editor-in-chief of de Stentor on 1 October 2021, was the best choice to head the proud ADR regional title. After all, she was already deputy editor-in-chief and, based on her previous job (13 years with regional broadcaster Omroep Gelderland), she was firmly rooted in the journalism of the east of the Netherlands.

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Kamilla Leupen (49)

editor-in-chief of Het Parool since 2021, having worked there since 1999.

“We’re important

as a role model”

She experienced something of a baptism of fire. In her first year as the person with final responsibility, Kamilla Leupen, editor-in-chief of Het Parool since 1 January 2021, guided her publication through the transition from afternoon to morning paper. Add to that the transition to digital first, the exhaustion of working from home and the murder of reporter Peter R. de Vries, which hit the editorial staff hard, and the verdict that it was ‘a difficult year’ is more than justified.

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