“ESG MUST become second nature”

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It’s a framework used by DPG Media to take social responsibility. “Last year, we came together and chose six areas in which we can and should make a social difference,” says Paul Vereijken, who is responsible for setting up DPG Media’s ESG policy. “Everyone at DPG Media contributes to our efforts in these areas with the choices we make every day. Our awareness of that must increasingly become second nature.”

Strong and independent journalism

“Our editorial teams must be free to cover the news independently. In doing so, they contribute to a strong and connected society. That’s in our DNA. We ensure that independence through a strict separation of the commercial side of our business and our editorial staff, and by continuing to invest in journalism itself. Our Campus for journalists is an example of that, and so is our director of journalism, who’s committed to developing the profession.”

  • DPG Media employs 2,034 journalists, as well as many freelancers who contribute to our titles every day.
  • Over the past year, our Campus taught 151 unique journalism courses in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Our news publications all have an editorial statute ensuring their independence. There are also six foundations affiliated with DPG Media titles.

Responsible use of data

“We use enormous amounts of data every day, which comes with great responsibility. We have to avoid filter bubbles, and the use of personal data is always in accordance with the agreements between us and our customers. We don’t resell customer data, and we keep it secure.”

  • Launch of privacy.dpgmedia.nl/.be and privacyrechten.dpgmedia.nl/.be. Consumers can use these portals to learn more about how we collect and use data, and to view, amend or delete their data.

  • DPG Media collaborates with Dutch universities to facilitate PhD research on the application of artificial intelligence in media.

  • We support the industry-wide initiative to develop an independent data safe in which users can store their personal online data.

 Paul Vereijken 

(35), ESG-MANAGER DPG Media 

Development and growth of our employees

“The digital transformation our media is going through requires different competencies and skills from our employees. That’s why we’re making targeted investments through our training institutes (Academy and Campus), focusing on a distinctive mix of digital skills, leadership qualities and craftsmanship. We believe it’s important that our employees benefit from continuous development and growth opportunities..”

  • The Academy and Campus offered a total of 1,023 training courses last year.

  • Together, DPG Media staff completed 49,735 hours of training in Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. 

  • At least 20,000 hours were devoted entirely to digital skills.

Diverse and inclusive work environment

“With the Executive for a Day programme, we invested in the next generation of female leaders in 2022. We also ensured more cultural diversity in our editorial teams through our traineeships for talented journalists. The second cohort has now started. To raise our awareness when it comes to cultural diversity, we held a number of roundtable sessions with employees from bicultural backgrounds.”

  • 44% of employees at DPG Media are women. Women make up 30% of the leadership team (senior management).

  • Our traineeships for talented journalists provided a much-desired increase in cultural diversity within DPG Media’s editorial teams last year.

  • DPG Media scored 8.3 when it comes to workplace safety in an employee survey.

Reducing our environmental footprint

“In 2022, we started mapping our company’s carbon emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which classifies emissions into three scopes. We’ve also launched a reduction plan.”

  • In 2022, carbon emissions from our buildings added up to 13.2 kilotonnes, while our vehicle fleet emitted 4.2 kilotonnes. Together, scopes 1 and 2 (electricity, gas and fuel consumption) accounted for 17.4 kilotonnes of carbon.

  • Emissions from purchased materials, services, waste, commuting and more (scope 3) are currently estimated to be around 180 kilotonnes. The final emissions report is due in 2023.

  • The number of kilotonnes in scopes 1 and 2 will have to be reduced in the coming years through more sustainable and lower energy consumption in our current premises, faster electrification of the vehicle fleet and the implementation of a sustainable mobility policy. The completion of the new Mediavaert office in Amsterdam in 2024 will also contribute to this. As the largest wooden office building in Europe, it will be highly energy efficient.

Social commitment

“DPG Media uses its knowledge, resources and media to help the next generation. Because motivated, engaged and well-supported young people possess the power to shape the future.”

  • In the Netherlands, our media are committed in various ways to helping anyone who has difficulty reading or is still learning. We’re an official partner of Children’s Book Week, NU.nl makes sure its articles are easy to understand and we published a special edition of Libelle for people who find reading difficult, as well as special Donald Duck editions for children with dyslexia.

  • In 2022, we launched JEZ! in Flanders, which focuses on young people.

  • At Campus 19 in our Antwerp headquarters, young people are trained to become IT professionals.

  • In the interest of press freedom, critical, independent Russian journalists were given shelter at DPG Media’s Amsterdam office.