Reading support

Some 2.5 million people in the Netherlands struggle with reading, writing and basic math. This has a big impact on their daily lives. DPG Media is committed in various ways to helping anyone who has difficulty reading or is still learning.

Donald Duck: Easy Reading edition 

This is a special Donald Duck edition for children with dyslexia and all other children with reading difficulties. Starting in 2023, Easy Reading editions will be published four times a year instead of just once. “We do this simply because we believe it’s important for society,” says Donald Duck editor-in-chief Ferdi Felderhof.  
news that’s easy to understand 

The news is for everyone. But how do you ensure that all your readers understand your articles without talking down to them? “The good news is: you can,” says editor-in-chief Gert-Jaap Hoekman. “By swapping out some commas for full stops. By listening more, so you hear questions you forget to ask yourself. But mostly by asking yourself: how would I tell this story to my friends or family?” As a result,’s comprehensibility has increased by 6 percentage points over the past year. 

Libelle  made more  accessible

In cooperation with Stichting Lezen en Schrijven, Libelle published a special simplified edition in October 2022 with accessible wording, shorter sentences and a more straightforward layout. The final editors took a course on how to reword texts to accommodate lower reading levels, and the content was put together in consultation with a group of people who used to have reading difficulties. Libelle printed 100,000 copies of this special edition.

Partnership with

Children’s Book Week

DPG Media has signed a strategic partnership with Stichting CPNB, which promotes Dutch-language literature and organises the annual Children’s Book Week and the Children’s Jury. Together, they will embark on a joint mission to help more children experience the joys of reading. Erik Roddenhof, CEO of DPG Media: “With this collaboration, we want to get kids reading and encourage parents and grandparents to read to their children. That’s where our media titles can play a hugely important role.”