forget the clichés about young people

For six years, DPG Media organised Red Nose Day to support young people with mental health problems. The last edition was a big success, raising €3 million. The successor to this programme is JEZ!, a brand new DPG Media collective that aims to give all young people in Flanders a voice and a podium.


ou’re all just lazy phone addicts!” Cédric Galle, 19, has been involved with JEZ! from the very beginning and knows the clichés about his generation. “But nothing could be further from the truth,” he says. “We’re growing up in a different time, in a digital world where we interact with new technologies every day. If we’re smart and creative, we can use those to address issues like sustainability and inequality.” 

JEZ! is making a name for itself by calling attention to problems that keep young people awake at night, and by organising events where they can come together. DPG Media, VTM, Qmusic, HLN and Belfius all got behind JEZ! because they believe in motivated, committed and well-supported young people. DPG Media sees it as its social mission to empower the next generation, as it’s ultimately up to them to shape the future.

Young And Foolish!

JEZ!, an acronym for Jong En Zot! (Young And Foolish!), stands up for all young people in Flanders and Brussels. In a short period of time, 200 youth organisations rallied behind the collective, which is also organising the biggest ever youth charity event together with VTM, Qmusic and HLN, and raising money for youth organisations in Flanders and Brussels.

Own content

“JEZ! dives into the lives of young people,” says Jessica Bohez, 22, one of the young creatives who regularly hits the streets for JEZ! “We look for young people with special talents and ask them to share their thoughts. JEZ! is one of the few places where young people are heard and seen, where we get to make the editorial decisions, and where we can create the content ourselves.” 

All young people are welcome to join JEZ! and can make their voices heard by following the collective on social media, coming to events or creating their own content, sometimes in cocreation with VTM, Qmusic and HLN. Exclusive videos, photos and blogs are often featured on the collective’s social channels such as on Instagram.